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vivi anne hunt writes steamy mm romance books

Welcome, reader!

Vivi Anne Hunt likes to write stories about men who love and protect each other fiercely. She started writing when she was very young and now she self-publishes in her spare time, because the voices in her head tend to get too loud and the only way to shut them up is to write, and to share them with the world. Learn more about Vivi >>


Disclaimer: Some of the books on this site contain explicit sexual content and/or language, so they are to be enjoyed by adults over 18.

What I Write

I write sexy dark romances where men love and protect each other fiercely. They are almost always a slow burn and always contain a HEA.

My Favorite Tropes

I am a big fan of the tropes: age gap, hurt comfort, size difference, and Daddy/boy kink (no age play). I just love a sexy sweet Daddy who takes care of his sassy skinny boy. Aww!

No Shame!

I firmly believe there is no shame in enjoying taboo love. Every genre is amazing, every trope is great if you like it (as long as there's consent).

Love is love.

to trust and to touch: a new hurt comfort MM gay romance book

You can watch, but you can't touch.

A traumatized young man who doesn't touch.

A sweet, single dad who doesn't date much.

What happens when they meet at a sex club?

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