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vivi anne hunt author of steamy gay romance books

Hi, I'm Vivi! Nice to meet you.

I used to run around the yard with a Barbie doll and a Ken doll, making stories up, how Ken saved Barbie, etc. Then I grew up and discovered a whole other world, where sexuality and gender are fluid and where everyone deserves to be loved. I write for myself and for those of us who love to live a thousand fantasies.

I specifically started reading mm romance books a couple of years back and I never went back. I love reading about two men falling in love and finding what they need in each other. Eventually, reading was not enough, I needed to write the stories that revolved inside my head, stories that I had not found anywhere else.

You will almost always find an age gap in my stories, as well as hurt comfort and size difference, as I love them the most. I also love the Daddy/boy trope (no age play), virgin boys, Gay for You, opposites attract, slow burn, etc. I just love a big strong and tender Daddy who takes care of his skinny sassy boy. Ha!

I don't think there should be any shame in any genre or trope, however taboo it might seem. I love exploring, reading, and writing books about sensitive subjects, taboo subjects, and books with steamy scenes, so if you love the same, join me.


I value human individuality and freedom above all, so you will hear me talk about inclusivity and equality most of all.


People from minorities, who experience prejudice, deserve to be respected and adored, so I try to give that in my books, hoping it helps to move further the change.


I am pan/ace/non-binary (she/they), and I am dedicated to supporting fellow queer/trans/etc people, as they have supported me in the past.

new mm gay romance book - to trust and to touch - age gap, hurt comfort, single dad

You can watch, but you can't touch.

A traumatized young man who doesn't touch.

A sweet, single dad who doesn't date much.

What happens when they meet at a sex club?

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