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I write mm romance, which means gay romance, which is two or more men who fall in love. My stories are usually low-angst slow-burn with a HEA. Thanks for reading. :)

Silas is going through his life like a zombie, mourning the loss of his dead wife.

There’s exactly one ray of sunshine in his life, when he can honestly say he’s still alive, and that is Kai – the smiley, awkward barista at Starbuck’s.

He’s not ready to date or anything (he’s bisexual), but he can at least be around the boy and take as much as light as the angel boy could give him.

Kai’s a talented artist, and when Silas realized he draws tattoos, he immediately asks his best friend, who owns a tattoo parlor, to mentor him.

This starts a tentative friendship that slowly turns into more.

It’s a story of hope and second chances and accepting one as they are. 😊

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Kai's Healing Smiles (09/27)

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Learning to Touch (12/20)

Alex is a solo performer at the sex club KinkWorld and he has one rule – no touching. As per contract no one’s allowed to touch him. Period. Nevermind some of the clients don’t get it, he’s trained in martial arts, so it really doesn’t matter. He can take care of himself. He’s not interested in any relationships either, since it’s not his thing, hasn’t been for the past 3 years.

Until he meets Sigh.

Sigh is an older man with a little girl, who is everything Alex has never met before – he screams the one thing Alex needs, and that is SAFE. He might be ready to get out there and date, but the one thing he doesn’t expect is to meet a younger man covered in vine tattoos, who looks like a bad boy really, and who doesn’t let anyone touch him. So… bad idea. Sigh, however, can’t stop thinking about the young man, so the only alternative left is – friends. He can be Alex’s friend and help him with whatever he’s going through. But it’s not easy. It’s a long road for both of them.

Do you want updates?

I will release a new chapter every Tuesday and Friday from now until September 2022. Follow me on Wattpad or follow me on twitter, where I always share updates.

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