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"This was just.......... awesome"


"I really loved this story. It was so well written and i was feeling all kind of emotions. Thank you for sharing this book with us💜"

"Hot rich daddy and cute bratty boy - the perfect combination for a fun and steamy age gap romance."

"Loved reading this book what a great story and storyline haven’t read story like this Ty for writing it"

"Hunt creates complex characters that - while not always relatable - are always three-dimensional. She’s not afraid to tackle tough issues with an interesting twist."

"Jaxon grew a lot through the story in my opinion. Remy's character is my favourite in the book. I love how independent he is and how he doesn't hesitate to walk out when he knows things won't work out."

"Omg i loved how Remy was a brat and the most dramatic person in the world. Relatable. Like bro calm down. Have you ever heard of asking? But nooooo you gotta storm out."

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Want a free gay romance book?


When Remy's roommate suggests that he should try to be a Sugar Baby, Remy is appalled... until he realizes he's buried in student loans. He hates the whole idea of people paying for the pleasure of your company, and he hates having to share his partner with other guys, but... he agrees to go to one event.


One event, that's it. He won't sign any contracts.


Then he meets the hottest Sugar Daddy alive, and he starts to question everything. Jaxson Clear is a hot and mysterious billionaire, who is very insistent on making Remy his next baby. Unfortunately, they are as different as night and day, and the more they try to bridge the gap, the less common ground they manage to find.

Will they be able to make things work?

CW: age gap, BDSM, mature language and content, steamy scenes.


"Great, my first very romantic date will be with Daddy Harem. Just perfect."

“Stop saying his name like he’s a celebrity or something.”

“I mean, he kind of is. He’s the head of Cupid's Arrow. You know, the dating startup that was sold to Google for billions?”

“Little brat. Spinning Daddy on your little finger already.”

“Hey babe, your scary as fuck Daddy came by a few minutes ago, tearing up the place, looking for you. Can you call him or something?”

“Do you know why I fucking can’t have you at work, Remy? Because I act differently around you, and I can’t have my coworkers see that. I’m the boss there, understand? I have to act like the boss, or else why am I even there?”

"I can’t do this anymore. Nothing these people do makes any sense.

This isn’t my world. This isn’t me.

I have to get out."

“I’ve changed so much for you,” he says angrily.

“That’s the thing, though. Should we really change for each other, Jaxson?” I ask him honestly. “Because you and I, we’re as different as night and day. For me, there’s romance, for you there’s contracts. There’s no overlap.”

"Closing my eyes, I smile and let the wind caress my face, reminding me that Nature is kind and that I am a part of it. That there’s a bigger picture here and that everything happens for a reason. It’s all good, all part of life."

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