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Cover Reveal: To Trust and To Touch (contemporary MM romance)

Hiiiiiiii peeps,

Exciting news!!! My second book - To Trust and To Touch - is coming out soon - December 13, and I'm excited to share the book cover with you today:

MM Romance Book

Let them watch. They'll never touch.

Every Friday night, Alex goes to the infamous sex club, Kink World, to perform. He goes in, takes his money, and gets out. No complications and definitely no touching. It’s in the contract. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and one night’s incident pushes him into a chance encounter with a man who is the very epitome of the word ‘safe.’

After years of focusing on being a single dad to his adorable baby daughter, Sigh is venturing out into the world of dating, starting at his brother's club on Friday night. He's not too excited about any of it until a chance encounter with a man covered with vine tattoos reminds him of the needs he has ignored for far too long.

Will Alex be able to let someone touch him? Will Sigh break through Alex’s defenses and learn what exactly happened to him? Will the two men be able to start again?

CW: SA, PTSD, unaliving, drug abuse, mature language, content, and violence

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