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How to Find the Best MM Romance Books (And Your Favorite Tropes)

What's mm romance, you ask? It's male/male romance, meaning gay romance. It's a hugely popular genre with so many tropes that are typical for any romance, but there are some tropes typical only for gay romance, too.

how to find the best MM gay romance books and the best tropes

Ever since I started reading MM Romance Novels a couple of years back, I realized there's a TON of it out there, and that new books are coming out all the time, so looking into Amazon's best-selling lists was not necessarily the best strategy for me, especially if I wanted to read some 'classics' in the genre.


I decided to Google "best mm romance friends to lovers books" and guess what - the results were a couple of Goodreads lists of books, right on top of the search results. I didn't search what the best mm romance books were because that was too wide of an umbrella.

Rather, I searched for my favorite trope and I found it!

Since then I have searched the following:

  • best mm romance hurt comfort

  • best mm romance age gap

  • best mm romance daddy

  • best mm romance gay for you

  • best mm romance with character who has epilepsy

  • best mm romance taboo

You can even search for lesser known 'tropes' like a book with a character who has autism or lower IQ or who is disabled. You can also look for mm romance books written by male authors, if you want authentic gay romances, but for me it doesn't matter. (Not that I don't enjoy those, I do, but I enjoy female and male (and non-binary) authors of the genre. There's a whole debate on the subject, which we can discuss later if you want.)

The great thing about Goodreads lists is that everything in the list is under the umbrella of your favorite trope and that you can see the book's rating and decide if it's worth your time. I mostly read highly-rated books, but it depends on the description, really. If a book is about something I rarely find in books, I don't care about the rating.

And the best of all - all the books are voted on by people who see the list, so the most popular books are on top and the least popular ones are on the bottom.

Check out this list for example:

There are so many Goodreads book lists out there and so far, I have not been disappointed by reading books from those lists. They have helped me find hundreds of amazing books. So why don't you try this method - if you haven't already - and see what you find?

Now, of course, I realize that I probably could have gone directly to Goodreads and searched there - duhhh - but honestly, I am not that active there, and if you're like me, this could still work for you, or you could just go directly on the site and look for lists there.

Now, let me know in the comments - what are YOUR favorite mm romance tropes?

I want to know! Thanks for reading and have fun searching!

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