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How to Find the Best MM Romance Books by Your Favorite Tropes (Part 2)

What is mm romance, you ask? It's m/m romance, meaning male/male romance, meaning gay romance, a romance between two or more men. We good? Okay.

How to find the best mm gay romance books easy and fast

Last time I explained how I have found some of my favorite mm romance books - by combing Goodreads book lists, where people have voted for their favorite reads - and today I wanted to expand on more ways to find your next favorite mm romance reads. This will be especially helpful for anyone who's looking for specific tropes, like I am. I'm always looking for age gap or hurt comfort or both at the same time, so it's really helpful when I can find these books easily, instead of having to go through Amazon search or Google search.

Okay, let's outline a few specific methods to find what you're looking for.

Method 1:

This website is really helpful when it comes to searching by tropes because you can go to this page, where you can see all thousands of mm/gay romance books, and then just type your trope into the search bar and when it appears (just type age for example and you will see 'age difference' appear under the bar, or you can type forbidden and you'll see 'forbidden love' pop up), just select it, so it filters the results by this specific trope.

Ta-da! Here's how it looks on the site:

As you can see, I have filtered the results by 2 tropes - age difference and forbidden love. Just type in random words and see what trope appears. It's fun!

Method 2: Youtube

The booktube community is awesome! They review all kinds of books, from any genre, sub-genre, or trope, so just go to Youtube and search for 'mm romance' and your trope, for example, you can search for 'mm romance age gap' and see what comes up.

Speaking of which, any social media platform will have a book community and book reviews, so for example, if you go to Tik Tok and search the same thing, you'll probably find a lot of results, and same goes for Instagram and Pinterest.

Personally, I prefer watching book reviews rather than reading them, so that's why I like platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok, but that's totally up to you. I also have some favorite Youtube creators/reviewers who always have good stuff (like catandbooks).

Method 3: The Ultimate List

I recently compiled The Ultimate List of the Best MM Romance Books by Tropes and put it on my website under the tab 'Books'. This is what it looks like:

The ultimate list of the best mm gay romance books by tropes

There you'll find my favorite books with:

  • age gap

  • hurt comfort

  • friends to lovers

  • enemies to lovers

  • taboo love

  • gay for you

Bear in mind, there are a TON more tropes out there I could include, but these are the tropes I most frequently read in the mm romance genre.

What about you? What are your favorite mm romance tropes?

Let me know in the comments! :)

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