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How to Make That 'Arrow' Book Promo Image for Your Next Book

Hi precious peeps.

Guess what time it is! It's let's make fun arrow promos for our books! :D

These have been trending a lot on social media, I know I see them everywhere on twitter, and it's so much fun to see and share them. There was even a discussion whether they're lame and cliched, but a lot of us rose and shared them even more. Ha!

So let's make yours. It's easy and fun. :)

Sign up for Canva - it's free.

Canva is a free graphic making software, which is so easy to use. Everyone does. :)

All you have to do is sign up for free and then you can start making all kinds of images for your upcoming book promotions. It's a godsend for us indie authors.

Choose a template - square.

Just go to 'Create a Design' and pick Instagram Post. I choose this one because the arrow book promo is always a square, but you can pick whatever you want.

Add your book cover / mockup.

The first step is to add your book cover or mockup (if you need a mockup, this free tool helps) in the middle of your canvas - just go to Upload and upload it, then click on it or just drag it to where you want it and then resize it until you like it.

Set a background color or photo.

Then you can click on your canvas or click on the square that says 'Background Color' on the top left there, and pick a color that you like. You can also add a photo behind, but sometimes it makes things busy. If you want to add a photo behind your book cover, just Upload one, click on it, resize it, right click on it and choose 'Send to Back' so it goes behind your mockup. Generally you can do a lot by just right clicking on something. :D

Add the arrows! Fun!

Now go to Elements on the left, type 'arrow' in the search box, and start picking your arrows! I've indicated the arrows below with an arrow, ha! Don't forget to click the > to see what other arrows there are, there are all kinds of fun arrows, as you can see from my design.

Again, just add the arrow by clicking on it or dragging it to your canvas. Now, if you click on your arrow, you can see some options pop up. There's a symbol next to the arrow that allows you to rotate it any direction when you click it. This will help with positioning your arrow. You can also duplicate your arrow with the symbol next to the trash can.

Basically, all you have to do is add your arrows and rotate and resize them. Then go to the color square again and pick the color of your arrows. Oh, and you can rotate your arrows to lead TO your cover and not FROM it, this is just the way I prefer it. :)

Add the text.

This is super easy - just click on the Text tab on the left, then add a subheading. Type up your text and move it around, then resize it, position it perfectly, and take a look at the strip on the top there, where it gives you the option to change the font, size, etc.

You can add in your tropes or lines from the book or funny jokes or whatever fun thing you want to add, whatever you think would 'sell' your book or make people laugh.

My arrowy promo.

Okay, so here's the one I made for my book To Trust and To Touch, which is coming out on December 13. It's a gay romance with age gap and hurt/healing, and it's about Alex, a bad boy who doesn't want to be touched, and Sigh, the sweetest single dad ever. <3

Check it out if you're curious: Amazon / Goodreads / Bookbub

How to Make the Arrow Book Promo for Free with Canva for Authors

Show me yours!

Now that I've showed you mine, you have to show me yours!

Drop a link to your promo! If it's on twitter, I'll share it! :)

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