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If you like these m/m romance books, you might like Kai's Healing Smiles, too.

Hi precious peeps. :)

As I am so close to publishing Kai's Healing Smiles - on September 13 - I wanted to share with you the kind of books I have read that are similar to my book.

Not on purpose, of course, but it does have certain elements of each, and I think they call this comparable titles, so this is the list of Kai's.

I give each of these books 5 stars, as I loved reading them and always re-read them.

My Grumpy Old Bear by Jayda Marx

My Grumpy Old Bear Review MM Romance Recommendations

This is one of the most adorable low angst mm romance I have ever read. It's about Brooks, the middle aged grump, and this cute sunshiny barista Noah, who is actually a pretty good singer. They're so different from each other and there's a bit of a role reversal at one point, and it's so funny and wonderful how Noah doesn't care how old Brooks is or whether his back is bad or not. They're such a cute couple.

Whenever I want feel-good vibes, I read this story. It makes me smile.

After Ben by Con Riley

After Ben Con Riley MM Gay Romance Review Recommendation

This is the story of Theo, who is struggling after his partner Ben's death, and he's trying to move on, getting back to dating, but it's really difficult because he keeps remembering everything about their relationship. It's such an authentic, gut-wrenching story.

I also love who Theo ends up with at the end because there's an online relationship kind of thing and an age gap, which I always love. There's also something about his love interest, which will be revealed that is also heart-wrenching. Basically, both of these men have been through the ringer and they help each other heal and learn to love again.

Unlike the first book I mentioned, this is heavier, but just as wonderful and satisfying.

Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat

Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat book review MM romance age gap book recommendation

Like any other book written by Roe Horvat, I LOVED this one.

It's about an author of smut books and a young man he met on vacation. They become friends and kind of mentor and mentee, from a distance, until Christian finally decides to move for college, and they finally live in the same place.

What follows is a LOT of angst on Alex's (the MC) part because he sees Christian as this young, untouchable, angelic creature, who he cannot touch, ever.

I especially loved the end and what Alex wrote and omg, so amazing. I have read this book many times, since it's such an amazing well-written story.

Their love story is just adorable!!!

Kai's Healing Smiles

Kai's Healing Smiles hurt comfort mm gay romance by Vivi Anne Hunt

Just like the books before, in this one you will find:

-- a sweet and sad hurt/comfort story

-- a love story where there is an age difference

-- a grieving man and a sunshine who heals his heart

Silas is mourning the loss of his wife and Kai heals his heart, one smile at a time. Will the sunshiny, awkward barista manage to make the sad, gloomy man smile? Buy it and find out. :)

What readers say | Read Chapter One | Buy the book

"Kai’s Healing Smiles took me on an emotional roller-coaster, and I was here for it every step of the way. It was an angst-filled, drama-filled, heartache-inducing read with just the right amount of sizzling scenes and plot twists."

"Intimate and charming, ‘Kai’s Healing Smiles’ is a heart-warming story of connection after loss, a journey seen through the eyes of two young men as they find their way through life’s hardships and finally get the happily ever after they deserve."

"A well constructed story with sharp, concise prose that maintains an easy to follow flow. The author captures your feelings and holds them hostage until you're finished."

"All the characters in here are messy, charming, and come with their virtues and vices. They make mistakes. They don’t always make the best decisions. But that’s exactly why they’re so engaging."

"Kai's Healing Smiles is a book that contains pure happiness. It made me smile from start to finish and filled my heart with pure joy. All the characters in this book are extremely likeable and they just draw you into their story. It's been awhile since I read a book that held that power."

"It's very rare for me to get consumed by a book and read it from front to back multiple times with ample excitement. This book is one of those very few."

"The spicy scenes didn't hold back! If you're a fan of those and the daddy/boy kink, you'll appreciate that there is no censoring or reluctance to be immersive."

If you want more m/m romance recommendations, make sure to check out my ultimate list of m/m romance books by tropes.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you read these books? Which is your favorite?

Let me know what your favorite m/m romances are!

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