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Kai's Healing Smiles is out! (Book Party + GIVEAWAY + Book Trailer)

Hi precious peeps.

The day has finally arrived! Kai's Healing Smiles is out!!!

You can buy the ebook, and paperback, and you can read it on Kindle Unlimited, too.

I have a ton of things planned for this, so let's go through them in order.

Can a smile heal a broken heart?

Silas is mourning the loss of his wife. Every day, he is going through the motions and barely managing to keep the excruciating pain from overtaking his life. There is precisely one ray of sunshine in his days — Kai — the smiley, awkward barista at Starbucks. For some reason, Silas finds comfort in being around Kai and soaks up as much light as this sweet boy could give him.

For the short time Kai has worked at Starbucks, he has secretly watched one man from afar, hoping that one day he would notice him back. He looks all mature, business-like, and always sad. One day Kai finally gets the chance to speak to him. And this is where their story begins.

Will Silas be able to let go of the past and start fresh? And will Kai be able to heal the gloomy man with his smiles?

1. Book Trailer

I made a quick book trailer that you can watch and see if this story might interest you.

2. Book Giveaway

To celebrate the birth of my book baby, I am giving away a signed copy of my book + some book swag. You can see all the items you can win below.

Click here to join the giveaway.

3. Book Party

Finally, I am throwing a book party!!!

I actually ended up not doing it LIVE because of a few reasons, buuuuut it's still fun, as I share some stuff and answer questions posed by readers.

Plus there's fun stuff like balloons and a very cute cat party hat. :D

You can watch the book party here:

Hope to see you there!

And thank you for coming along on this exciting journey with me. :)

You're the best!!!

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