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More Than a Contract: Chapter 1 (a free age gap Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby MM romance story on Wattpad)

When Remy's roommate suggests that he should try to be a Sugar Baby, Remy is appalled... until he realizes he's buried in student loans. He hates the whole idea of people paying you for sex and he hates the idea of sharing his partner with other guys, but... he agrees to go to one event.

One event, that's it. He won't sign any contracts.

Then he meets the hottest Sugar Daddy alive and he starts to question everything. Jaxson Clear is hot, rich, mysterious, and very insistent about making Remy his next boy. Unfortunately, they are as different as night and day, and the more they try to bridge the gap, the less common ground they manage to find. Will they be able to make things work?


It's one of those moments where you have your whole life flashing in your mind, only it's all the moments that got you here - staring at a number, on a screen. The offending number is still there, mocking me. Saying in no uncertain terms that I am screwed and that I've brought this upon myself.

If I can do math right, it'll take me about thirty years to pay it back, unless I find a good job in my chosen profession or win the lottery.

Tough chance of either one happening.

I used to have such high hopes when I graduated from University one year ago, now I just hope that I can add a donut to my morning coffee one day soon.

How the mighty have fallen...

When the front door slams, I know it's Sam because only he slams the door so forcefully, even though I've told him a million times that we'll need a new door soon and that I won't be paying for it.

"I have marvelous news!" he says theatrically, plopping on my bed, as a result of which my laptop tilts to the side and falls over the edge.

I wince. I can't afford a new laptop, too.

"God, can't you just do anything like a normal person?" I hiss at him, while he lifts the laptop back on the bed, stares at the number, then back at me, his eyebrows rising up to his hairline.

"Jeez, babe, is that how much you owe for–"

"Yes, and I don't want to talk about it."

He grins. "Then my news will be even better when you hear it! I have procured not one, but two tickets to Sugar Daddy Night!"

I groan, slumping in my bed, wishing I could hide from the world for just a day.

Sam pulls me up by the shoulders and shakes me. "Seriously, this is the perfect solution to your little problem here."

"Little?" I scoff.

Sam is a proud sugar baby, which I know and support, since it's not my life, but I've never wanted to sell my body in exchange for gifts, trips, money, cars, whatever... holy shit, I could really use a car.

No! Resist.

I cannot sell my soul to the devil. No way. Not even for tons of money.


"What's the big deal?" Sam asks, playing with my shaggy hair. I haven't even been to the hairdresser this month for financial reasons. Maybe I can cut it myself? He continues, "You don't have to commit to anything, you can just look around, have a few drinks, and have fun."

"Because drunk people don't stupidly commit to things."

He rolls his eyes. "What else are you doing tonight? Looking at your loan balance? Gee, that sounds like loads of fun."

"When you put it that way..." I mutter. God, can I really do this? "And you'll make sure I don't do anything stupid, right?"

"Absolutely," he says cheerfully, jumps over to my wardrobe, and concludes that I have nothing sexy enough, so we go over to his wardrobe. Thankfully, we're almost the same size, I'm just a little bit taller, he's a bit fuller, but he manages to find a shirt that works on me. It's blue, like my eyes.

He also puts a leather bracelet on my wrist and lines my eyes.

"Okay, stop, I'm not going to a fashion shoot, or a beauty contest."

He cackles. "In a way you are, I mean everyone is going to be staring at you and salivating. It's more of an auction, though, really. Who pays the most."

I try not to gag. This is so not me, and yet... I'm young, I can do crazy things, like let my friend take me to a place I would never be caught dead. Sam is a pro, though. He's had five Sugar Daddies so far, and when I asked him why he didn't stick with the first one, he laughed for a while, then wiped his tears off, and said very seriously that it's not about commitment. It's about fun. For both sides.

Okay then.

Obviously, it's not something I understand, seeing as I've only had one boyfriend and one hookup, and the latter happened when I was drunk one night and didn't know any better. No, I'm not the fun kind of guy. I'm all about being with one person, sharing good moments, and having fun between the sheets because we love each other. That's not exactly what Sam does, and I know we're like night and day, but I can't help but be curious about this other side of the coin.

I'm young and vital... I can have some fun, even if it's just for the night.

What's the worst that can happen?

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