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My Crazy Writing Process: Writing 35,000 Words in One Day (And a Warning)

Hello lovely readers and writers. :)

Last time I shared how I came up with my new pen name and this time I want to talk about the writing process - that elusive thing that you keep chasing, and chasing, and chasing.

The thing is, people will tell you how to write, but don't listen to them. They'll tell you to write a little every day or to plan out your books or whatever, and I am here to tell you - if you want to pantse your book and churn out a draft in one week, that's okay too. If you want to plan out your books and write a little every day, that's okay too.

Whatever works for YOU, works. Period.

Now are you ready to hear about my absolute crazy writing process?

In this video, I share how I can write 35,000 words in one day and finish a novel in 2 days, but please watch the whole thing because this can really affect your health and mental state. I have included the warning, so nobody falls into the same trap I have.

In the end, this works for me. I have writing seasons (winter and summer), I pantse the hell out of my stories (resulting in a bit of a mess and a lot of work for editing later, but whatever), and I love it. And as long as I'm careful and take breaks, it allows me to finally finish those stories that I could never finish before. Yayyyyy.

Now you can go and find what works for you! As long as it feels natural and it produces the desired result (a finished draft and a happy heart), then you're doing it 'right'. Obviously, you have to experiment a lot because it took me years to find my process, and know it's okay for it to take a long time. It just means you care about your craft.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you prefer writing fast or writing slow

  • Do you prefer writing every day or at specific times

  • Do you prefer planning a book or pantsing a book (or both)

  • Do you prefer coming out with a crappy first draft or writing carefully

  • Do you prefer writing in the morning or at night (or both)

  • Do you prefer writing non-stop or with breaks

Anyway, thanks for watching! Like the video and subscribe to my channel! :)

Let me know in the comments - what's your unique writing process?

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