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My third story on Wattpad is up! It's gay romance about werewolves and true mates. Read it for free!

Hello, bookish friends.

Perhaps you know that I've been uploading some stories on Wattpad, and they're usually hilarious mm romance that I decided not to publish on Amazon and instead just gift the world for free. Hope you like them so far. :D

Anyway, I have uploaded another story on Wattpad!!!

It's called TRUE MATES: THE BEGINNING and it's about Connor who is next in line to be Alpha, being pressured to take a mate, but he knows his true mate is out there and that he is male, and he's searched for him, but never found him. Will his mate find him?

So far I have really enjoyed my wattpad experience immensely. I have found great friends and readers and overall amazing feedback, so if you ever wanna try sharing your writing in this way, let me know and I'll give you some pointers. :)

Wattpad is this huge platform for writers to share their stories, for readers to find their favorite stories, and for both to meet in the middle.

Now here's some info about my new story...

TRUE MATES (The Beginning): Werewolf Gay Romance

(Free on Wattpad)

Connor has always known that he has a true mate out there and that he is male. Even when nobody believed him, he defended his mate. Even when his father wanted him to mate a good female breeder, Connor said no, staying true to his mate. The more years passed, the harder it was for Connor, who just wanted to find his true mate, once and for all.

Now they have guests from the South, including the beautiful Nancy, who is a potential mate for Connor, who is simply not interested. However, the new guests have brought something interesting with them - Connor's true mate, Jamie! Finally! Now that he has his mate near, he's so happy. Even though his mate is proving more difficult than he expected. Much more difficult.

If you're curious about the story, here are some more things I made:



The first part of the book is already put up on Wattpad,

so you can read it all right now. If you want me to continue this story,

please let me know here or on Wattpad. :)

If you want to be updated when I post new chapters or stories, follow me on Wattpad or sign up for my newsletter, and definitely let me know what you think of the story or just go ahead and leave a comment in the story itself because that's always good for authors.

By the way, are you on Wattpad? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting! :)

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