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Say My Name: Chapter 1 (a free college 'gay for you' mm romance story)

Jamie is excited to finally be on campus. It's time to find his kind of people - gay, that is. Instead, he finds a blindingly handsome straight guy who keeps following him around, calling him 'roomie' (they're not roommates), and breaking through every defense Jamie has put up.

Is it possible for a stranger to imprint on you like that?

And is Davis as straight as he says he is?

Tropes: college romance, slow burn, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, gay for you, bisexual awakening. No trigger warnings. Mature rating for a few sexually explicit scenes.


The one thing that made me super nervous about starting University was moving into the dormitories. I knew they would assign me a random roommate and he could be the devil's spawn, for all I knew, but my brother kept insisting that it was fine. Even if we hated each other, I could apply for re-housing, so with that in mind, I grabbed a box from Jack's car and we headed for Trinity House. My mind was buzzing with all kinds of scenarios, so I didn't even notice when some guy almost mowed me over.

"Sorry," I muttered.

My brother Jack laughed. "Do you have blinders on or something? I swear, you're always like this when you get nervous."

"I'm not nervous."

"Whatever, here's the second floor, room..." He checked the printed piece of paper. "...41B," he added and opened the door, leaving me no time to prepare. Drat.

The common room was spacious. There were two doors, one of them wide open. I could see someone shuffling inside and before I could say anything, Jack was already shouting, "Hello? Roomie?"

I whacked him. "That's my line."

He shrugged and put his box down.

The guy that came out of the room was taller than me, his hair was shaggy, falling over his forehead. He had this 'don't mess with me' expression on his face, where his eyebrows had dipped too low on his forehead and he squinted so hard, his eyes became slits. He wore black bracelets and silver rings, had tattoos and piercings...

Basically, yeah, the devil's spawn.

"Hey there, roomie, this here is my little bro Jamie. He's going to be sharing your space for the foreseeable future, and if you mess with him, I'm probably going to do... well, nothing. But just in case I change my mind, don't mess with him. All right?"

I rolled my eyes. What a great speech.

"Hey," I said, anxiously getting closer to the lanky creature, who apparently only had one facial expression–annoyed. "I'm Jamie."

"Alan," he said, but made no move to shake my hand.

"O-kay," Jack said, looking between us. Then he patted me on the back and added, "This is gonna be great. I'll go fetch more shit from the car." And the bastard left me with the devil's spawn, who didn't seem to care I was there, and he went back into his room.

So much for best friends forever.

I had hoped to be rooming with someone who could be a friend, but if that wasn't the case, ignoring each other was probably the next best thing.

"Jesus fuck," someone yelled from the door.

Then there was a crash.

It wasn't Jack, but I went to check, anyway. On the other side of the door was another guy, this one big and buff, with blonde hair, scruff on his chin, and a blinding grin. He had activated it as soon as I opened the door. I blinked, confused at this shocking display, then looked down at his shoes, where a broken lamp lay in pieces.

He shrugged. "The lamp wasn't meant for this world. Hey, I'm Davis."

I stared at his outstretched hand like it was an alien appendage, then shook it automatically, and it was so fucking warm, that I wanted to hold on for dear life. My hands were always fucking cold.

"Are you Matt?" he asked.

That's when I found my voice. "Jamie." It came out as a croak.

Well, that's not embarrassing.

The shiny creature frowned, got something out of his jeans pocket, and cursed. "Shit, I'm the next door over. I knew the digit wasn't right."


Davis shrugged. "Too bad, you'd have been a fun roommate."


Then he picked up the box, things clattering inside, went one door over, unlocked it, and looked back at me. I did not expect that smirk and that wink.

I was blinded.

He was gone. I had frozen in the middle of the hall, and Jack was in front of me the next moment. "Hey, what's up? You look weird."

It was then that I decided it would be a bad idea to be anywhere near this Davis guy. He was clearly confident and outgoing and probably as straight as a hockey stick. Wait, maybe not that, since it has some curves to it.

Whatever, I made a mental note to avoid him at all costs. I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. No way.

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