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The 5 Stages of Self-Publishing (Vlog) - Editing, Formatting, Book Cover, Marketing, Publishing

Hello lovely bookish friends.

Last time I shared an amazing free tool that creates character art for your book on my Youtube channel and today I am talking about the 5 stages of the self-publishing journey.

Listen, it's VERY important to know what the stages are, so you know when to do what. There are stages that need to do in a specific order that will guarantee better results, and if you leave them for the last moment, you might regret it later.

Hopefully this video helps you! :)

Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you with the confusing self-publishing process. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel!

Let me know in the comments - Which stage of the self-publishing process are you at? Which stage are you most excited for? Which one do you dread?

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