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The Best MM Romance Authors and Their Amazing Books

What is mm romance, you ask? It's male/male romance, meaning gay romance, meaning a romance between two (or more) men. In this genre, authors are male and female, trans and non-binary, gay and bisexual (hello!), etc., just like in any genre. I don't think the gender or sexual orientation is all-important here, what is important is these are all fantastic writers, and as such, they can write anything and it would be absolutely phenomenal.

The best MM gay romance authors and their amazing books

There are so many amazing mm romance authors out there, but in this article I'm going to share my absolute favorite ones with you, plus some of their books.

Seriously, from the hundreds of books I've read, these are the top of the cake.

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, which means if you click and buy one of these books, you'll add a bit to my Amazon gift card fund, which will allow me to get/recommend more books. :)

1. Cara Dee

Cara Dee was the first mm romance author, whose books I got obsessed with, which means I have read most of her books. The thing about Cara Dee is not just that she is an excellent writer, but she also writes different types of 'kinks' into her books, so for example, the steamy scenes are never the same, they are always varied and amazing.

My favorite books of hers are: The Guy in the Window (my favorite age gap romance book ever, I keep rereading it), The Job (a taboo love story, dads are brothers), Breathless (an mmm romance with twin sadists, I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it's amazing). If you like taboo love of any kind, I think you'd be good in Cara Dee's hands.

2. Roe Horvat

The second mm romance author I got obsessed with was Roe Horvat, who is a trans author and whose romances are written so exquisitely, you won't be able to put them down. The writing style is out of this world good, and every story is wildly different.

My favorite books of his are: Dirty Mind (a spectacular age gap), The Layover (an amazing romance between two men on an airport), Adam Only (another amazing age gap). Really, at this point, I just pick up every book of his and I am happy.

3. Mary Calmes

The next author I got obsessed with (see a pattern here?) was Mary Calmes, but you should know that all of her books are second chance romances and all of her main characters are the same person, who is this kind of weird delusional person. It's entertaining and hard to explain. I also adore the ways she portrayed the second chance trope.

My favorite books of hers are: Heart of the Race (friends to lovers), A Matter of Time (a quirky character + detective + a lot of action), Timing, Floodgates, Frog, You Never Know (all of those are second chance romances). Some of these I love so much that I keep rereading them.

4. Lily Morton

The next author I like quite a lot is Lily Morton, whom you probably know about. She has this amazing humor in all her stories, so expect to laugh a lot.

My favorite books of hers are: Rule Breaker (office romance, enemies to lovers), The Cuckoo's Call (a summer romance), and Oz (guy goes to work in a mansion). I have noticed that in her books, one of the main characters is always rich and distinguished and the other one is well... just down to earth and funny and quirky. Good combo.

5. N R Walker

N R Walker is another amazing mm romance author, whose romances are mostly slow burn and the ones I've read are friends to lovers. Basically, from the books I've read: a man changes his life or is disappointed by a past lover, moves or changes something, and meets a new someone, who helps them deal and it's so sweet, my teeth fill with cavities.

My faves: Dearest Milton James (quirky character, office romance), Upside Down (asexual character), Learning to Feel (handy man, moving to a new town), The Weight of It All (which is about an overweight character), and Sixty Five Hours (office romance, over a weekend), Bossy (no strings attached), On Davis Row (ex-con and parole officer).

Honorary mentions:

Who are your favorite mm romance authors? Let me know in the comments!

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