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The SAY MY NAME Story Soundtrack - 22 Songs That Set the Mood Perfectly (#LGBTQ-Friendly)

Hey my precious peeps.

You know I have a story on Wattpad, right? If you don't, then let me tell ya - it's a college gay romance between a gay guy and a straight guy, and their banter is hilarious.

Anyway, a while ago I made the playlist/soundtrack to go with that story (you can listen to the whole thing on youtube if you want), but today I just wanted to have some fun and go through all the songs, and see what moments they go with, without giving out any spoilers, of course, just in general terms, to have some fun and enjoy good music.

I really love a good story soundtrack!!! Do you?

Okay, let's go through the songs together and enjoy some awesome music today.

Oh and yeah - some of these songs are LGBTQ-specific! :)

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed

The moment when you see someone and BAM - everything is different. It rarely ever happens to both people, but sometimes it does and it's magical. :)

Banners - Someone To You

The moment when you look around and you hope that you will find someone special who will love you for you. You'll be special to each other. Aww.

Harry Styles - Lights Up

The moment when you realize how far you've come and you're never going back.

Adam Lambert - Wataya Want from Me

The moment when you realize someone's coming for you but you're not ready because your heart has been hurt one too many times, and yet, you hope they keep coming back. (This song really, is the heart of Jamie's and Davis' relationship lol.)

Greyson Chance - Dancing Next to Me

The moment you find a sexy stranger/man next to you. This song is deliciously gay.

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

The moment you realize you feel so close to someone and you don't want to let them go, and you don't want the moment to end because this is AMAZING.

Billie Eilish - Wish You Were Gay

The horrifying moment you realize you have a crush on a straight person. Sigh.

Labrinth - Jealous

The moment you realize a person you like doesn't belong to you but to everything and everybody else, and you want to grab them and keep them for yourself.

Adam Lambert - Runnin'

The moment you decide it's easier to run than to face your demons or face the truth that maybe you're ready to love and to be loved. Running is easier than getting your heart broken.

Imagine Dragons - Walking the Wire

The moment you realize your relationship/friendship is tricky, but you stick with it because you choose to do it. No matter how difficult. The payout is wicked adrenaline.

Alexander 23 - Crying Over Boys

The moment you have to, yet again, cry over yet another thoughtless man. Gay.

Zac Efron, Zendaya - Rewrite the Stars

The moment you realize you have a thing for someone, but they're unattainable, and you really wish you could rewrite the stars, rewrite everything to get them.

Lily Allen - Fuck You

The moment someone says something homophobic and you unleash your inner gay beast on them, finally putting them in their stupid small-minded place. Ha.

Eli Lieb - Young Love

All the little moments you enjoy when you're in love for the first time. Gay.

Sam Tsui - Clumsy

The moment you realize the one who keeps ruining your relationship is you. You keep self-sabotaging because you're just too afraid, and you keep trying to overcome yourself. Gay. (I cried when I listened to this the first time because I can so relate. So can Jamie.)


The moment when you finally get to enjoy some sexy times with your partner. Yum.

Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful

The moment you drop all the masks and show your partner your real face.

Harry Styles - Falling

The moment you screwed up majorly and now you're alone and moping because you might have lost the person you love more than anything. Because of your own stupidity.

Eli Lieb, Steve Grand - Look Away

The moment you know you have to move on from someone, but you can't look away, you can move on, because they're everything to you. (Ugh, this always makes me so sad.)

OneRepublic - Let's Hurt Tonight

The moment you realize that your entire relationship is a fucking push and pull, and it freaking hurts, but you do it anyway, because what other choice is there? Your love is strong enough, so you have to just sit down and finally figure it out.

John Legend - All Of Me

The moment you realize someone snuck up on you and means everything to you now.

P.S. I tried not to give any spoilers, since I am still uploading the story chapter by chapter, so I hope I managed not to spoil anything for ya. :D

Did you like the songs? And do you have your own story soundtrack?

Finally - if you want to read Say My Name - here ya go.

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