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Unboxing My Book and Some Swag for Kai's Healing Smiles (EEK!)

Hi precious peeps.

I've been going crazy with all kinds of plans for my new book, but mostly, I have been enjoying the whole crazy roller-coaster journey.

My favorite parts were:

--holding my book for the first time

--seeing the swag for the first time

Which is why I decided to show you the videos! You're going to see my reactions. :D

There's going to be squealing and babbling, you've been warned.

1. Unboxing my book.

2. Unboxing the swag.

Not the best quality or editing, buuuuuut it's fun, no?

I am so lucky that I could use to print the proofs (Amazon wouldn't send proofs to my country) and that I found the talented Ruart on twitter, who drew the Silas and Kai illustration. Check her out, she's amazing. :)

And thanks for coming along for the journey! The book comes out next week!

You can:

- read chapter one

- see what readers are saying

- set a reminder for the book party

- pre-order the book

And finally, there will be a GIVEAWAY with signed copies and the swag you saw, so keep your eyes open for that. Everything's happening next week, EEK.

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