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Who wants a FREE gay romance book? 'More Than a Contract' has lots of angst & steam! Happy holidays!

More Than a Contract is a free gay mm romance book with age gap and hurt comfort.

Hi, precious peeps.

Happy holidays! What better way to celebrate than reading a free book?

I put my novella, More Than a Contract, on Wattpad first, and people liked it so much, I realized I wanted to offer it to anyone who wants to read it, and I wanted them to be able to read it on their preferred e-reader devices.

So if you want to read it on your Kindle Reader, now you can!

Plus, I edited it, so now it's even better!

Presenting the book...

More Than a Contract is a contemporary gay romance novella (40,000 words) about a reluctant Sugar Baby - Remy - and a super hot and rich Sugar Daddy. Both have very strong characters, which means most of the time, they argue about everything.

One is emotionally unavailable, the other is stubborn... oy vey!

It has a bit of a 50 Shades of Gray vibe, but it's 50 Shades of GAY. Get it? Hehe.

Here's the blurb, so you can see if you'd like to read it...

More Than a Contract is a free gay mm romance book about a billionaire Sugar Daddy and a reluctant Sugar Baby.

More Than a Contract

When Remy's roommate suggests that he should try to be a Sugar Baby, Remy is appalled... until he realizes he's buried in student loans. He hates the whole idea of people paying for the pleasure of your company, and he hates having to share his partner with other guys, but... he agrees to go to one event.

One event, that's it. He won't sign any contracts.

Then he meets the hottest Sugar Daddy alive, and he starts to question everything. Jaxson Clear is a hot and mysterious billionaire, who is very insistent about making Remy his next baby. Unfortunately, they are as different as night and day, and the more they try to bridge the gap, the less common ground they manage to find.

Will they be able to make things work?

What readers say.

"This was just.......... awesome"

"I really loved this story. It was so well written and i was feeling all kinds of emotions. Thank you for sharing this book with us💜"

"Love this book! Be proud for creating this!"

"Hunt creates complex characters that - while not always relatable - are always three-dimensional. She’s not afraid to tackle tough issues with an interesting twist."

"Remy is my favorite in the book. I love how independent he is and how he doesn't hesitate to walk out when he knows things won't work out."

Quotes from the book.

"Great, my first very romantic date will be with Daddy Harem."

“Little brat. Spinning Daddy on your little finger already.”

“Hey babe, your scary as fuck Daddy came by a few minutes ago, tearing up the place, looking for you. Can you call him or something?”

“I’ve changed so much for you,” he says angrily.

“That’s the thing, though. Should we really change for each other, Jaxson?”

"I can’t do this anymore. Nothing these people do makes any sense.

This isn’t my world. This isn’t me.

I have to get out."

Get the book!

You can get the book by going to this page and signing up with your email.

I never spam people with emails, don't worry. :)

More Than a Contract is a free gay mm romance book with age gap and hurt comfort. 50 Shades of GAY vibes!!!

Happy reading! And happy holidays!

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