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Book Cover Design
for Indie Authors

Hello indie authors! I think that you're so brave to embark on the self-publishing journey.

I am happy to offer Book Cover Design services to anyone who needs it, and I believe my rates are competitive/affordable, seeing as we don't always have money for everything we'd like to get. (Yes, I'm an indie author too.)

Below you can see some of the book covers I have done for myself, for other people, and some book covers I have played around and just done for fun. I do that a lot.

If you want to book a spot or have a question, just email me at

Let's make you an amazing eye-grabbing book cover! :)


Most of these book covers I made for myself. Some for other people.

More Examples

I have made a lot of book covers throughout the years - thriller, fantasy, paranormal, romance, poetry, etc.

These are just a few examples I was playing with recently.

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